Job Description

bb has brought together a world-class team of creative experts in strategy and innovation, multi-channel user experience, visual design, technology and delivery. We are looking for an outstanding QA Lead who thrives on challenges and has a hunger for all things digital.

Job Responsibilities

  • Establish and run the QA domain at Brilliant Basics, ensuring that the quality of technical outputs meets expectations and is of consistent quality. Set up QA practices that can be rolled out across the domain so that every tester at Brilliant Basics can execute their job consistently and to a high standard
  • Manage a team of testers, ensuring that they follow processes and standards outlined and are able to fulfil their roles successfully during their time at Brilliant Basics
  • Create and implement extensive test scripts from client acceptance criteria to cover a wide range of technical projects, from pure user interface-based deliverables from apps to backend heavy implementations
  • Monitor TDD development and inform on best practices regarding automated test scripting and ensuring maximum coverage of the codebase
  • Liaise with the technology team to ensure both parties are delivering to agreed principles
  • Prescribe and support testing for given browsers and operating systems, being able to set up environments to support testing across these
  • Ability to liaise with client testing teams, communicating effectively and efficiently on testing practises and project statuses whilst providing support on any testing setup the client may wish to implement in-house

Experience and Skills

  • A minimum of 5+ years of experience working at a digital agency as QA lead and tester
  • Experience on delivering web experiences for mid and large sized organisations
  • Automation experience
  • Worked within collaborative, cross-functional teams to deliver multiple, successful projects
  • Proven capability in systematic testing and reporting of issues
  • Extensive experience writing thorough test scripts for a variety of project types
  • Unit testing experience with frameworks such as RSpec
  • Effective reporting on issues and ability to distribute end-of-sprint QA status across the team and to clients
  • Testing and considerations for non-web platforms such as iOS or Android apps
  • Understanding of accessibility testing and the implications of meeting each A-level of the WAI spec including ARIA implementation. Additionally, accessibility testing on devices such as iOS and Android
  • Experience leading teams of testers on small to medium technical delivery projects
  • Proven experience of managing team workload effectively
  • Ability to travel abroad