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BB/WONGDOODY Europe is seeking a Senior Digital Strategist (Senior Manager, Strategy) with strong expertise within financial services for our London Studio. The strategist is essential in the early stages of an engagement (which may be pre or post sale) in which the outlines of what we are trying to achieve for the financial services client may be opaque – although the business imperative is clear. The strategist will assess the situation through a number of lenses, identify the clear area of opportunity and establish the frameworks that will help guide us to the best outcome – not just in the early stages but throughout the project.

Our Digital Strategists work with a diverse, wide-ranging team including business and data analysts, experience designers, other digital strategists and technologists across a range of geographies. As the owner of the opportunity and the vision holding a deep understanding of what success looks like, it is critical that the Strategist make clients and team members feel both comfortable with and engaged in the entire design process, whilst also ensuring that strategic considerations are integral at each step of the initiative.

The Digital Strategist works independently with high-level supervision from a strategy director. They must be pro-active and independent in running their aspect of projects but feel confident that they are part of a supportive whole.


The Digital Strategist at BB/WONGDOODY Europe will be responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining credibility with internal (client leads) and external (client) financial services stakeholders within the digital strategy space. Becoming their ‘go to’ person to open up experience, design, and transformation opportunities within financial services with existing clients.
  • Working with the clients/client leads to identify design-led transformation opportunities based on internal (client-led) and external (marketplace) factors either shared or discovered proactively leveraging research tools.
  • Collecting and analyzing data to clearly frame this opportunity/challenge into a concrete brief – with linked KPI’s which the wider team can start to ideate around. And ‘selling in’ this idea to the client/MCOs/fellow WONGDOODY members as a digital transformation opportunity.
  • Supporting a cross-functional team through the process of ideating, prototyping, and ultimately scaling a digital solution that meets the original business and end-user consumer needs. Acting as their guide to ensure they don’t deviate from the initial strategic imperative that the strategist identified.


You have extensive project experience and are strong in understanding the following:

  • People’s needs and behaviours as end consumers, employees, or partners.
  • The financial services business sector in general and specifically new opportunities for market growth based on industry and market trends.
  • Emerging and mainstream technology at a broad level with a level of curiosity about how it can be leveraged in fresh ways to achieve strategic goals within financial services.
  • Clients and their point of view, broader context and priorities in order to identify synergies and mitigate potential conflicts.

Your experience includes:

  • Extensive digital product experience (+/- 10 years ideally more).
  • Extensive broad vertical experience in the finance industry (7 years+).
  • Digital practice within one or more of the following:
    • o Big Consulting organization.
    • o Digital practice (product development) within advertising holding company or major agency.
    • o Digital/design practice within client-side.